A little more about the ZOOMIA Virtual Office

Working in an office is necessarily associated with being in one room, or at least in one building, where any employee can be easily contacted and, if necessary, invited for a meeting. However, 2020 shaken all the familiar foundations requiring quick adaptation to the new conditions for the sake of further growth of the company and competitiveness maintaining.

The ZOOMIA Incorporated team presents Zoomia Virtual Office:

Creation of an unlimited number of workrooms: thematic, related to specific tasks or departments.

Ability to move from one room to another to discuss certain tasks.

Сonversations between employees who are in the same workroom throughout the working day, using audio conferencing.

Turning on and off the microphone and the sound of other people's conversations for better concentration during individual tasks.

Ability to work from anywhere globally and use: laptop, computer, tablet, or even cell phone.

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ZOOMIA Virtual Office functionality

Today's business environment requires rapid adaptation to the new rules of the "game", for the sake of competitiveness maintaining. With ZOOMIA, your employees will successfully learn how to work remotely.

Virtual rooms
Creating an unlimited number of virtual offices to discuss work issues. The number of participants is not limited.
Participants view
Ability to view members of a particular room when searching for the right employee.
Audio conferencing
Communication in virtual rooms takes place through audio conferencing without time constraints.
Muting the microphone and sound
Turning off the sound and the microphone during a break or to concentrate on personal tasks.
Screen sharing
Screen sharing is provided for each participant to visualize the information.
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Frequently asked questions when implementing a virtual office

Common questions customers ask when implementing ZOOMIA Virtual Office.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based system?
Today, cloud systems are viral due to many advantages. ZOOMIA data is stored on Microsoft servers and can be accessed via a cloud browser with a secure data exchange. ZOOMIA users do not need to buy and install expensive software and server hardware, and there is no need for maintenance staff.
How long and who will integrate ZOOMIA?
Several specialists are involved in the product's full integration: business analyst, UX designer, development department, beta-testers, and implementation department. They work together with the team assigned for a customer. From consultation to the start of product use, the entire process can take more than two months. A specific deadline will be given at the first stage of the joint work.
How much does full integration cost?
The cost of integration is calculated according to the price list, in which the cost for certain works is converted into the cost of a person-hour. The price of a person-hour depends on the direction in the integration process. You can get an approximate cost after the first consultation.
Has there been any experience with integrating my line of business?
Four years of work have brought us an expansive experience in integration of companies from different business areas. However, we believe in individuality: even if the requesting company is from a familiar area to ZOOMIA, in any case, the approach to creating a system will take into account the client’s individual characteristics.
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