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A little more about ZOOMIA in the service industry

ZOOMIA for service companies is an ideal solution for businesses that provide services to their customers. The solution allows you to create your own directory of services, with certain stages that can be filled with the necessary data about the transaction. The system also allows you to generate invoices for payment and commercial offers for a specific client for a specific service. The functional module of financial accounting will give a clear picture of cash flows and form the client's balance. This solution fits perfectly into the company, no matter how old it is!

ZOOMIA users receive an individual solution, keeping the current processes of the company and easily adapting employees to the new technology. There is no need to maintain additional equipment or to qualify the IT staff.

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ZOOMIA functionality for service companies

The ZOOMIA business platform based on the modern technologies. ZOOMIA developers have taken into account the disadvantages of other systems for business automation, and they have made every effort to avoid them. The system provides an opportunity to create a convenient individual set of functionality for your business, as well as improve business processes.

Maintaining a customer base
ZOOMIA has the functionality for storing data about customers and partners in a structured form with an unlimited set of fields and their classification in the system. The card of the partner and the client displays the complete history of interaction with the subject, stores attached documents (contracts, copies of passports, etc.), notes, the history of telephone conversations, a photo and any files necessary for interaction.
Creation and management of transactions
The system accompanies the processes of providing services, the processes themselves are classified according to stages and a set of data required to be filled in at one stage or another. This functionality helps the operator easily understand the current state of transactions with the client.
Generating documents
ZOOMIA offers functionality for generating documents for clients: commercial offers, invoices, contracts, certificates of completion and any necessary documents necessary for full-fledged customer service and work with partners.
Customer balance
The service company often provides intermediary work for the successful delivery of the ordered services to the client. To calculate the marginality and a transparent understanding of the funds spent on the provision of service work, the company needs to quickly navigate the client's financial balance. The system offers to detail all financial flows of the client and partners and inform the operator about the client's remaining funds in the company.
Financial Accounting
The product provides functionality for controlling the company's financial flows, according to the statement of accounts at any time. The system also provides an opportunity to classify financial transactions by items of inflow and outflow of funds, linking selected transactions to a client, partner or employee. All information is presented in analytical charts for quick analysis of the company's financial condition.
Email sync
The system is synchronized with employees' email servers. All sent and received letters from clients and partners will be automatically embedded, as a history of correspondence in the card of a client, partner, etc.
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Screenshots of the program for a company with activities in the service sector

Thousands of screen options for various company processes. You can read part of the user-friendly interface of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from customers when considering ZOOMIA as a platform for automating businesses.

What are the benefits of a cloud system?
Today, cloud systems are very popular, they have a lot of advantages. ZOOMIA data is stored on the servers of Microsoft, access to the data is carried out through a regular browser through a secure data exchange channel. The ZOOMIA user does not need to buy and install expensive software and server equipment, and there is no need to maintain maintenance staff.
How long and who integrates ZOOMIA?
Several specialists are involved in the full integration of the product - a business analyst, a UX designer, a development department, test engineers, and an implementation department. At the same time, the assigned team is working for the customer. The duration of the entire process from consultation to the start of using the product can be more than two months, the exact period is announced already at the first stage of collaboration.
How much does full integration cost?
The cost of integration is calculated according to the price list, in which the cost for certain works is converted into the cost per hour of a specialist. The price of a specialist’s hour depends on his direction in the integration process. You can get an approximate cost after consultation.
Have you had experience integrating my business line?
For 4 years there is a huge experience in integrating companies from different business fields. The basic concept of the product is individuality - even if the company is from a sphere familiar to ZOOMIA, the approach is individual, integration with the specifics of the processes in the customer’s company.
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