How the ZOOMIA virtual office works. First we should logging to the system, the basic idea of ​​a virtual office is that you have a virtual rooms. The rooms are customized according to the preferences of the clients. There are an unlimited number of rooms that you can customize. Rooms can be divided according to company departments, this is a feature when there are many employees in the office. You can walk through the rooms. In each room you can see how many employees there are.

Once you came to the room you just need to switch the microphone there. Currently my voice is there. Everyone in the room is hearing my speech. We working with the team and thru screen sharing can review and discuss the operational processes. This is the main idea of the virtual office.

There is the settings of my personal details user can set a picture and other my details as a team member.

One the main functional module of the Virtual office -  Task Manager. You able to create the tasks for your team members. There is the list of my task where I am participant, there are the indicators about tasks statuses, such as: total tasks, tasks in process, tasks which reached the deadline, and tasks completed within last 30 days.

All data is collected for the further analytics.

User able to find tasks thru text match. Once you opened the task you able to review the team members involved in the execution of the task.

There is a chat separated conversation with the participants.

The main feature of the Task of Virtual Office that - user able to gather a conference with all participants of the task. As example the 3 employees as a participants of the task currently in different rooms of virtual office and user can gather them to the audio conference. They will receive the notifications and incoming call popup window. In the conference you able to share the screen.

When you create the new task its immediately appeared in the list. The user can start task as creator or assign the executors to created task. From the list of employees, you able to choose the executors of this task.

Also you able to add the description, assign the deadline and assign someone to approve the execution of this task. As example, the task can change the statuses of execution after selected participants will change status of task to "approved"

As well there is list of employees, clients and partners. As example you can find in your company database the partner, and generate the conference link. Thru QR code scanning you able to share generated link thru the Whatsapp, Telegram or any applications installed on your mobile. This is very helpful functionality for referring the links.

On this link will be opened, the incoming conference call popup window will appear in the system and you can start the video conference with following features: sharing the screen and recording the conference which will be stored on local storage of your device.